Project Slayers Codes – Free Spins and Wen in July 2022

Project Slayers Codes And Character
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Get the latest codes for Project Slayers, a newly released Roblox Adventure game in the Demon Slayers Universe. Check back soon for new codes.

Welcome to Project Slayers, a major new release Roblox. We have the latest codes to launch the game and will check them every day when the game is updated. It’s a sprawling adventure game set in the Demon Slayers universe with non-cannon characters. The game has great combat mechanics and many opportunities to play with your friends. Project Slayers become a Roblox hit.

The game is back now! And there is also a new code.

All Project Slayers codes

  • merchandise security – 50 Clan Reels, 20 Demon Art Spins, 2,000 EXP (NEW CODE)
  • get there! – 25 member spins
  • Sorry for the shutdown! – 254 Free Spins and 10 Free Demon Art Spins

Expired Codes

  • Finally release time! – 120 Exp, 15 Clan Spins and 300 Wen to start you in the game (this limited time code has now expired)


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How to redeem codes in Project Slayers

It’s easy to include codes.

  • Click on m, this opens the menu
  • Click on the middle icon, it looks like a book
  • Enter the code in the field below

If the code doesn’t work, it probably is Because you entered it incorrectly or it has expired. Make sure you copy and paste directly from our list to enter the code correctly and check back soon for new codes as many of them are time limited at the beginning!

What are Project Slayers?

Project Slayers is a brand new anime-themed adventure game that has taken Roblox by storm. Developed by OUW0PP and a small team, it is based on the Demon Slayer series by Koyoharu Gotouge. The map is quite huge with a fast travel system that makes it easier to play on Water and Thunder Breathing) as well as a clan system that dictates your playstyle. The game has been in development since 2020 and has finally been released!

After a few bugs during release, the developers have things under control. You can visit the official Discord hereas well as The game page and Trello board for updates.

Latest update

The game has just been released, but the developers have stated that they will work on the next update when the game reaches 50,000 likes. There have been some shutdowns and mini-updates to fix bugs with the game. A big turn off is happened on July 17th so farBut the developers have said that hopefully the game will be up soon – maybe the next day or so. Work is underway behind the scenes to ensure nothing like them happens again.

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