Using this name was a mistake

Using this name was a mistake
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A man in a red space suit and blue helmet stands in front of a black, ominous creature.

prey (2017)
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prey (2017) is a very good game, actually one of my favorites from this year. But his name always seemed… strange. It has no connection to 2006 prey or his never released sequel. Now, in a new interview, the game’s director has explained how he and the team at Bethesda were forced to use that name, and how “gross” he felt about it. He believes the name was a bad marketing decision and may have doomed the game.

Colantonio was the founder of Arkane Studios and also the writer and director behind the best immersive simulation of 2017, prey. Set on a derelict space station full of shapeshifting aliens, the first-person shooter mixes puzzles, exploration, and narrative into a beautiful blend that just kind of gets completely out of hand in the last few hours. Although it was a great game (also with great DLC) it had nothing to do with that at all in 2006 preyin which Native Americans were involved and which was developed by Human Head Studios.

Colantonio left Arkane shortly thereafter prey It was released in 2017, and since then he’s mentioned that he didn’t want to use those prey Title for Arcane Game. And now, appearing on the AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook Podcast He has revealed even more details about the situation and his frustration with the name, which he claims was forced upon the studio and said it was “at odds” with Bethesda.

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“I didn’t want to name this game Prey. And I had to say I wanted to do it in front of journalists anyway,” he told AIAS on the podcast. “I hate lying … It felt bad to support an embassy I didn’t want to.”

Colantonio continued, saying that it wasn’t just him that felt this way but that he claims many others at Arkane felt the same way, too. And while he was “grateful” that a company gave him the means and time to make a game and “trusted” him to make something like Prey, he was still frustrated by the name.

“Our game had nothing to do with Prey,” said Colantonio. “There is a bit of the artistic/creative side that is insulted when you tell [an] Artist “You know your game? It will be called prey.’ And you say, ‘I don’t think it should. I think it’s a mistake.'”

Colantonio then said he thought he was calling it prey was a “sales blunder” because the choice of that name “backfired”. prey Fans weren’t happy and the people who didn’t like the original had nothing to do with it prey not searched at all [the] games.”

As for the original prey and the team behind this game, Colantonio, felt bad that they had used that name and IP and felt like it was a “kick in the face” for the developers behind the 2006 one prey. “I wanted to apologize to them many, many times,” Colantonio said. “I didn’t really have a chance because I don’t really know these people. It was never our intention to “steal their IP” and make it ours. It’s disgusting and I didn’t want that.”

Prey (2006) – Original game trailer

According to the former Arkane director, this situation is with prey and how Bethesda imposed the name on the team was a big reason for his departure from the studio in 2017. He has since formed a new team, WolfEye Studios, which was recently released Strange West.

This isn’t the first time Colantonio has spoken out about his troubles with Bethesda prey. He spoke to me last week MinnMax and stated that he was “upset” that Bethesda forced the team to use the name. And beforehe further claimed that the choice was not in his and the studio’s hands.

Now his goal is to use his new studio to do things differently than the corporate publishing system he’s been a part of for so long, and “remain really independent” while developing smaller games without the pressure of multi-millions -dollar companies breathing down their necks.

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