“Chromecast HD” should contain Google TV 12, specifications confirmed

"Chromecast HD" should contain Google TV 12, specifications confirmed
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We’ve been hearing about the cheaper version of the Chromecast with Google TV for months, and now a new leak is revealing new software details, specs and even the obvious “Chromecast HD” branding.

Kuba Wojciechowski, a developer on Twitter who has dabbled with Google’s software in the past, claims to have received a full software build for Google’s new Chromecast that reveals several details about the device.

The first major advantage is the name, since the device is called “Chromecast HD” directly in the code. This isn’t a firm guarantee that Google would market the device in this way, but it seems quite likely.

In addition, we get a better look at the data sheet. Apparently, the device ships with an Amlogic S805X2 chipset. This chip adds support for AV1 decoding, which the existing Chromecast lacks. leg The chip is still a pretty big downgrade from the 4K model. It caps video output at 1080p, of course, but also just doesn’t have the same raw performance as the S905X3 in the Chromecast with Google TV. The notion of lower performance is further cemented by 1.5GB of RAM on the device, a 25% drop from the 4K model.

The other important detail here is that the software will be based on Android 12, making this the first Google TV 12 streamer. The original Chromecast is still based on Android 10.

Although it will be a cheaper device, Google seems to be learning from some of the mistakes of the “premium” 4K model.

The biggest advantage is that this device comes with support for seamless virtual A/B updates with compression. As a result, end-users are likely to be more likely to update as this update method removes the storage limitations of the original Chromecast with Google TV. Updates do not have to reach user storage, but can be pushed directly to partitions. In theory, it should be a huge upgrade on the update front, but it might not matter for major updates. 1.5GB of RAM is sure to be a bottleneck for future Android versions – Android 13 increases storage requirements for many devices up to 2 GB.

Could Google adopt the same method for the existing Chromecast? Unfortunately, probably not, as that would require new hardware.

In a related note, our Kyle Bradshaw has discovered that this device has just been through the Bluetooth SIGsimply called “Google Chromecast”.

“Chromecast HD” is expected cost about $30.

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