Cyclist charged after he allegedly assaulted an Indigenous woman for not wearing a bra

Cyclist charged after he allegedly assaulted an Indigenous woman for not wearing a bra
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A captured viral video Ottawa captured the moment when a woman appears to attack an Indigenous woman because, according to the victim’s account, she appears to be not wearing a bra.

“Last night I was attacked by a white woman who was upset that I wasn’t wearing a bra. I used IG live to record their actions against me,” Anishinaabe wrote Twitter User Laura Gagnon in a caption sharing the video that has since gone viral. “I’ve never seen a white mob stalk me and it’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. Please be safe out there.”

This was confirmed by the Ottawa police The Independent A 37-year-old woman has since been officially charged with assault and mischief after receiving a report of an incident that took place at a park around 6.40pm on Wednesday CanadaCapital city.

Officials who were at the scene confirmed that a woman had been assaulted. The unidentified suspect was released from custody after charges were brought against her on promises that she would appear in court.

In the nearly two-minute viral video posted last week, viewers can see an angry woman running full force at Ms Gagnon as she yells indiscriminately at her.

The victim filming the attack can be heard asking the alleged attacker why she is targeting an Indigenous woman and “body shaming” her for apparently not wearing a bra on unceded Algonquin territory, referring to land Indigenous peoples of Canada have never ceded or legally ceded their lands to the government.

“I try to document them. She attacked me and I want her information because I would like to file a complaint with the police,” the woman says offscreen after appearing to have been attacked by the attacker.

In the background, another passer-by can be heard yelling, “Stop filming,” before the cell phone appears to be knocked out of the victim’s hands. More shouts from a growing crowd can be heard in the background.

Twitter user Laura Gagnon shared a viral video that appears to show herself being attacked in an Ottawa public park by a woman who appeared upset that the victim was not wearing a bra


“I’m trying to run from her,” the victim can be heard yelling back into the crowd, all off-screen.

The suspect is then seen on a bicycle re-approaching the woman before the on-screen footage is rotated face down onto the grass.

The next moment the woman has reached her car and is in the parking lot trying to exit the park, but fails as she pans up to reveal the same cyclist standing on the hood of her car, preventing her from exiting.

“Guys, I’m being attacked right now,” Ms Gagnon is heard saying to her camera from behind the wheel of her car, before shouting that it’s “my personal property” to someone in the crowd, who seems to want her phone.”

Ms Gagnon has lived and narrated in the nation’s capital for the past 11 yearsThe Independent that up until that night she had felt safe walking through her town no matter where she was or what she was wearing.

“I know people have been feeling uneasy post-Covid, but we need to better understand that kindness and acceptance of other people’s bodies, clothes or other garments should come naturally, especially in 2022,” Ms Gagnon said in an E -Mail statement that The Independent about the attack in the park.

“As an Indigenous woman, I am very aware of colonial violence, the hypersexualization of our bodies, and the stereotypes we face every day,” she added. “I want people to educate themselves about body autonomy and the sovereignty we have over our bodies.”

Ms. Gagnon says she “will continue to hold my head up to inspire and uplift others despite my haunting experience. I know that my spirit and the support of other people’s good thoughts, prayers and love have taught me that negativity can be met with love. We need these lessons to carry on for future generations.”

The Ottawa Police Service said they were continuing to investigate the incident, which erupted in public spaces Wednesday night, and described it as a “verbal altercation that escalated into a physical altercation.”

A cyclist leaned on a woman’s car after allegedly attacking her in an Ottawa park for not wearing a bra, video footage appeared to show


The department has also reportedly referred the case to the Ottawa Police Department’s Hate and Prejudice Crime Unit, but has yet to file hate charges against the suspect, the department confirmed Ottawa citizen.

Hate crimes in Canada have been on the rise in recent years, with the outbreak of the pandemic sparking an unprecedented rise in racially and ethnically motivated crimes. This is reported by the Canadian Bureau of Statistics.

Police Canada reported 2,669 hate-motivated criminal incidents in 2020, the highest number since the federal agency began collecting comparable data in 2009.

In the first year of the pandemic, hate crimes reported to the police increased by 37 percent year-on-year, and between 2019 and 2020, the number of reported crimes motivated by hatred of a race or ethnicity increased by 80 percent, from 884 to 1,594.

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