Ethereum fork ETHPoW is off to a rocky start

Ethereum fork ETHPoW is off to a rocky start
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hours after Ethereum successfully completed ETHPoW — the network’s competing offshoot set to preserve proof of work on a forked version of Ethereum — went live on its own mainnet Thursday afternoon.

The moment was hailed as a triumph for ETH miners left behind through the transition from Ethereum to a 99.99% greener, Miner-less proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Instead, it quickly dissolved into chaos.

Shortly after the ETHPoW mainnet debuted on Thursday, users started experiencing problems accessing the network.

It quickly became clear that part of the problem was that ETHPoW had chosen a chain ID that was already in use.

Chain IDs, created to facilitate the 2016 Ethereum Classic hard fork, serve as a fingerprint for a given network and help blockchains confirm the unique identity of on-chain assets. The chain ID named by ETHPoWs has apparently already been used by a Bitcoin Cash testnet.

Because there is no central authority or registry of chain IDs, chain IDs can be chosen arbitrarily. Still, pre-hardfork testing would likely have uncovered the conflict.

Ironically, chain IDs were already an issue for ETHPoW leadership in the weeks leading up to the merger. Fears began to circulate in crypto circles that due to the creation of ETHPoW, users could become victims of so-called replay attacks if ETHPoW fails to change its network’s chain ID from that of the Ethereum mainnet. Essentially, Scammers could replicate a transaction from the ETHPoW networkon the real Ethereum network if both networks have the same chain ID.

Chandler Guo, the prominent Chinese crypto miner leading the ETHPoW effort, has previously confirmed this decrypt that ETHPoW would change its chain ID precisely for this reason.

Why the network then chose a chain ID belonging to another existing network remains unclear. Guo didn’t respond immediately decrypt‘s request for comment.

In the moments following the Ethereum merger — but before ETHPoW debuted — the fork’s native cryptocurrency, ETHW, increased by about 70% to $60.68 likely in anticipation of network launch. Since the network went live earlier today, however, that price has fallen more than 74%. It is trading at just $15.33 right now.

Although some users claimed that the ETHPoW network was functioning properly within hours of its launch, others criticized the confusion created in the ETHPoW user community after the network’s chaotic debut. As feared, malicious actors have reportedly taken advantage of the uncertainty.

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