Hopefully Radiant Silvergun is coming back to the North American Switch eShop soon

Hopefully Radiant Silvergun is coming back to the North American Switch eShop soon
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To update [Mon 19th Sep, 2022 09:20]: Publisher Live Wire has released an update on the disappearance of Radiant Silvergun from the North American eShop.

The company states that the game has been removed from digital storefronts because “the rating of the product has changed,” which is similar to what happened with Mushihimesama last year. Live Wire has submitted the new dates to the product committee and is awaiting a response, but hopes sales will resume on September 20th (PT), although it has confirmed the exact dates and times have not yet been determined.

Here’s what Live Wire has to say about the situation on Twitter:

We’ll update this article once the game is back on North American eShop stores. For more information, see our story from last week:

Original article [Wed 14th Sep, 2022 09:30 BST]: One of our favorite surprises during Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was the confirmation that not only Treasure’s is Shining Silver Rifle return but we can buy it at the moment. How many of you rushed to the eShop and downloaded it right away? In North America, however, you had to be particularly quick because the game had already been removed from the eShop.

A few hours after Direct aired, players raised concerns on Twitter when they couldn’t find the game in the eShop. The trailer was also made private or removed from YouTube.

The port’s publisher – Live Wire – issued a very brief statement on Twitter acknowledging the issue, but it’s a mystery why it was removed.

“Currently, the Radiant Silvergun is not available in North America. We will respond promptly. We will let you know when it becomes available for purchase.”

This isn’t the first time one of Live Wire’s games has suddenly been removed from the eShop. Mushihimesama was removed from the European eShop shortly after its release last year due to an age rating error, but reappeared the following month:

For Radiant Silvergun, some players are reporting that the port has some issues, including music not looping correctly, but no official reason has been given for the game’s removal. Fortunately, the game is still available on the Japanese and European eShops.

We’ll update this article as soon as we know more!

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