Long Islanders see some identified flying objects

Long Islanders see some identified flying objects
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LONG ISLAND, NY – It’s definitely not a bird, and not exactly a plane, nor is Superman on his way back to his job at The Daily Planet.

But when a trail of light broke over Long Island’s south shore on Saturday, many residents wondered what they were seeing and stopped to snap a few pixels of video on their phones.

What “it” turned out to be was a vapor trail from Falcon 9 by SpaceX shot across the sky after its Starlink mission was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Due to clear conditions, the launch of over 52 Starlink satellites was visible to people across the east coast just after 7:30 p.m. reported.

Onlookers near the launch pad witnessed the first phase of Falcon 9 falling back to earth for a soft landing SpaceX The drone ship “A Shortfall of Gravitas” in the Atlantic, the website reported.

SpaceX has expanded its Starlink mega-constellation, sending nearly 3,400 Starlinks into space with plans to launch thousands more, according to the website.

That was just days away from an expected up-close and personal view of the planet Jupiter, which was expected to swing closest to Earth orbit for the first time in 59 years on Monday.

Saturday drew real attention as followers shared their shots and videos on social media.

Farmingdale’s Tom DeSantis also caught the spectacle and photographed it sailing across the sky before disappearing into the night. The video that was published on Farmingdale patch on Monday has over 40,000 views.

In Bellport, the identified object was seen flying over Avino’s Italian Table in a video tweeted by Rich Franklin. He asked followers, “#UFO or #Spacex?”

news 12 reported receiving calls from many viewers reporting seeing the mission.

“What a sight in the Saturday night sky!” wrote Meredith Garofalo while sharing a post from viewers at Woodbury.

Viewers from across Long Island took in the spectacular sight with their lenses as News 12 reported footage from Lido Beach to Montauk.

But the spectacle wasn’t over yet.

Long Islanders were still treated to a spectacular view Monday as Jupiter passed by.

Not that far removed from that view… slightly less obvious was the planned crash of a OUR Spacecraft crashed into an asteroid around 7:30 p.m. Monday. called the crash wild as it was something out of a Star Wars movie without the Death Star.

NASA declared “Impact Success” on Twitter around 7:19 p.m. and showed a video of the #DARTMission‘s DRACO Camera, which describes the spacecraft as the size of a “vending machine” that successfully collides with the asteroid Dimorphos, “which is the size of a soccer stadium and poses no threat to Earth”.

This could be the last space show for a while, as Hurricane Ian delayed SpaceX’s five-crew launch from Cape Canaveral until October 24. 4, reported late Tuesday.

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