Kindle Scribe, Halo Rise, new Echoes, Fire TV

Kindle Scribe, Halo Rise, new Echoes, Fire TV
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Amazon Introduces New Smart TV, Fire TV Omni QLED Series Starting at $799.99

Amazon Fire TV Omni series in QLED


Amazon just announced a new TV: The Amazon Fire TV Omni series in QLED.

In addition to its QLED display, the television features Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ Adaptive for the first time. Support for these formats should help improve picture quality, especially in dark scenes where it might otherwise be difficult to see everything on screen. And the adaptive brightness functions ensure that the picture adjusts when the room is too bright from the sun or in a dark room. It also works as an Echo with Alexa built-in and includes Alexa widgets. It can be toggled on and off when someone enters or exits a room. Thanks to a gallery of famous landscape paintings, the TV can also double as wall art when not in use.

The TV will be available in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes starting at $799.99. Pre-orders start today.

– Sofia Pitt

Amazon updates Remote to Alexa Voice Remote Pro for $34.99

The new Fire TV remote control from Amazon


Amazon just introduced a new remote control called the Alexa Voice Remote Pro. Pre-orders for the $34.99 Alexa Voice Remote Pro start today and ship in November. You can ask the Alexa device to help you find your remote and it will start playing a location assistance sound. It also has two customizable buttons for creating shortcuts to your favorite streaming apps or channels.

– Sofia Pitt

Amazon announces the new Fire TV Cube for $139.99

Amazon Fire TV Cube 2022


Amazon just unveiled its third-generation Fire TV Cube, a device that’s a cross between a streaming media player and an Echo speaker. It’s the first major update since 2019. According to Amazon, the latest version of the Cube is 20% faster than its predecessor.

The Cube can be controlled by Alexa and supports 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR and Dolby Atmos audio. It now includes an HDMI input port, meaning users who are cable subscribers can connect their cable box to the Cube to consolidate their TV’s user interface. The Cube also has WiFi 6E support and Super Resolution Upscaling, meaning it helps turn older quality content into a clearer, sharper picture.

Pre-orders for the $139.99 device begin today and orders begin shipping October 25.

– Sofia Pitt

Fire TV is coming to Amazon’s Echo Show 15 for free later this year

Echo Show with Fire TV


If you have an Echo Show 15, which is a large smart screen you can hang on the wall, you can add a Fire TV to your device with a free software update. An update later this year will add the Fire TV software, giving you quick access to all streaming apps, just like you would on any other Fire TV device.

– Sofia Pitt

Amazon-owned Ring introduces new Spotlight Cam Pro

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro


Amazon just announced the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro, Spotlight Cam Pro Solar, and Spotlight Cam Plus.

The Spotlight Cam Pro is a new professional security camera with 3D motion detection that can send motion alerts to your phone.

Spotlight Cam Plus now has multiple power options including solar, battery, wired, and plug.

The new Ring Spotlight Cam Pro battery and connector costs $229.99. The Spotlight Cam Pro Solar costs $249.99. The Spotlight Cam Plus starts at $199.99.

– Sofia Pitt

Amazon’s Astro robot adds new features including pet detection

Amazon Astro home robot

Todd Haselton | CNBC

Amazon’s Astro robot can now check doors to see if they’re open. It also enables pet detection, allowing owners to monitor their pets from the comfort of their own home.

There’s a new integration between Ring and Astro called Virtual Guard + Astro for small businesses. Astro cameras can alert virtual security agents.

– Sofia Pitt

Amazon is adding advanced shopping features to Echo Show

Amazon store the look


Amazon announced a new feature for Echo Show devices called Shop the Look.

For example, users can say “show me this shirt” when they see an image on their screen, and the device will offer similar products, some of which are from Amazon’s product catalogue.

The feature shows that Amazon remains committed to making voice shopping more ubiquitous.

– Annie Palmer

Amazon is introducing four new Echo devices

Amazon Echo Dot 2022


Amazon just announced four new Echo products: the Echo Dot, the Echo Dot with Clock, the Echo Dot Kids, the Echo Studio, and the Echo Auto.

The Echo Dot and Echo Dot Clock deliver up to twice the bass of the previous generation, according to Amazon. It also has a new temperature sensor, so it can do things like turn on your smart fan automatically if it gets too warm inside. Both devices also have new gesture controls and a new display. The coolest new feature is probably a built-in Eero that turns your device into a WiFi extender to improve network coverage around your home. Eero built-in will also roll out to older 4th Gen Echo Dots and Echo Dots with clocks over the next few months.

The new Echo Dot Kids is now available in owl and dragon designs. The device comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which offers children’s content such as books, games, videos, songs, and more.

The company also introduced a new high-end Echo Studio. According to Amazon, the sound quality is even better with the new spatial audio processing technology and the extension of the frequency range.

Last but not least, the new Echo Auto, which has a new design and flexible mounting options. You can use Alexa to listen to music, make calls, and get roadside assistance hands-free.

The Dot is $49.99, the Dot with Clock and Echo Dot Kids are both $59.99, the Echo Studio is $199.99, and the Echo Auto is $54.99. Pre-orders start today and devices will ship next month.

– Sofia Pitt

Amazon just introduced the Halo Rise, a $139.99 bedside sleep tracker

Amazon just unveiled a no-touch sleep tracker called the Halo Rise for $139.99.

Amazon Halo Rise sleep tracker


The company says the device will feature environmental awareness with a smart alarm and wake-up light, as well as machine learning and sensor technology to accurately identify sleep patterns.

The device comes with a six-month Halo membership and will ship later this year.

The Halo Rise works with Alexa. It doesn’t require users to press a button or charge a battery, and it helps determine all of your sleep stages, from REM to light and deep sleep, and provides users with a sleep score.

– Sofia Pitt

Amazon announces the new Kindle Scribe that you can write on

Amazon just announced a new Kindle Scribe, the first Kindle you can write on.

Amazon Kindle Scribe


It features a 10.2-inch display with a pen that lets you take notes, create to-do lists, and write directly on the pages of the book you’re reading.

You can use Scribe to mark up PDFs and other documents. It can last weeks and weeks without charge.

Pre-orders start today and will ship in time for the holiday season. Scribe costs $339.99.

David Limp opens Amazon’s hardware event with a Kindle presentation

David Limp, Amazon’s senior vice president of devices, begins the presentation with the Kindle.

– Sofia Pitt

The robotic elephant in space

Amazon's smart home dominance and how it could grow with its iRobot acquisition

A question that will likely bother many people during the event: will Amazon mention Roomba maker iRobot?

Amazon made the surprise announcement in August that it plans to acquire iRobot for around $1.7 billion to give its hardware and robotics businesses a boost. iRobot is best known for its vacuum robot Roomba and its mopping robots.

Amazon’s Astro home robot


Amazon started its own consumer robot, Astro, at last year’s hardware event. Equipped with Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, Astro can follow users around the home. But it’s invitation-only and will be priced at $1,450 upon release.

iRobot’s Roomba.

Source: iRobot

Amazon’s hardware business isn’t a big moneymaker

A cluster of Amazon Echo smart speakers, including the Echo Studio, Echo, and Echo Dot models, captured on September 24, 2020.

Neil Godwin/Future Publishing via Getty Images

not how Applewhich makes money selling its flagship iPhone and other products, Amazon’s hardware business doesn’t generate much profit and doesn’t account for a significant portion of the company’s sales.

Instead, Amazon releases devices at extremely low prices with the aim of promoting its other products and services. It hopes that for every $99 Fire tablet sold, for example, users will buy movies, audiobook subscriptions, and other items that tend to have higher margins.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has previously approved that the retail giant doesn’t expect to turn a profit on its devices.

While it’s not a lucrative business, Amazon’s growing lineup of Echo smart speakers, Ring doorbells, and Fire TV Sticks are helping to expand the company’s reach in the smart home. And they help serve other fast-growing businesses like advertising.

– Annie Palmer

There can be surprises

You can usually expect new Echoes, Fire TV software and the like at these events, but sometimes Amazon has a few surprises in store. For example, one year it announced Echo Frames glasses. Last year it launched a smart frame that hangs on the wall. And it also used its fall event to announce a security drone that will fly around your house. But that hasn’t started yet.

Also to note: Amazon just updated its Fire tabletsso we probably won’t see anything new there today.

– Todd Haselton

Amazon launches new gadgets just in time for Prime Day 2.0

Amazon’s hardware event is well timed. The company plans to host another Prime Day-like discount bonanza next month, the first time it’s held two deal events in the same year.

Amazon usually offers discounts on its own gadgets during these events. In recent years, Amazon-branded devices like Echos, Fire TVs and Kindles have also been among the top sellers on Prime Day (which usually occurs in the summer) and on busy holiday shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​​​Monday.

– Annie Palmer

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