Accused murderer Lucy Letby told mom ‘trust me I’m a nurse’

Accused murderer Lucy Letby told mom 'trust me I'm a nurse'
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accused Lucy Letby, British serial killer’s nurse was “interrupted” when she murdered a baby by the child’s distraught mother – but tricked her by saying, “Trust me, I’m a nurse,” prosecutors said on Tuesday.

The mother had found Letby, 32, with her bloodied son the night before his death in August 2015 – and the day before the nurse also tried to kill the child’s twin brother, Manchester Crown Court heard.

“That’s what we say [the mom] interrupted Lucy Letby, who attacked [her baby son]although she didn’t realize it at the time,” prosecutor Nick Johnson told the court. according to The Independent.

The baby, identified as Child E, was “acutely distraught and bleeding from the mouth” after Letby allegedly injected air into his bloodstream at the Countess of Chester Hospital in Chester, the court heard. However, the nurse told the mother the blood was only from a feeding tube that was irritating her newborn’s throat, the trial heard.

“Trust me, I’m a nurse,” Letby told the mother, according to Johnson.

The mother then abandoned her dying newborn after being “fobbed off by Lucy Letby,” he said.

Prosecutors in British nurse Lucy Letby's murder trial claimed it was her "interrupted" by the mother of one of the babies she allegedly killed.
Prosecutors at British nurse Lucy Letby’s murder trial said she was “interrupted” by the mother of one of the babies she allegedly killed.
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Child E died in the early hours after losing more blood than a medical official said he had ever seen in a baby, according to the trial. Letby made “fraudulent” grooming notes that were “false, misleading and designed to cover her tracks,” the prosecutor said.

Then the next day, she tried to kill the dead baby’s twin brother, Child F, too, this time by poisoning by injecting insulin, the court heard.

Negligence was ruled out because no other babies on the ward were prescribed insulin, Johnson said, noting that Letby had hung up the bag and was in the room at the time the boy was poisoned.

Letby reportedly told the mother:
Letby reportedly told the mother, “Trust me, I’m a nurse,” to prevent her from stopping the murder.
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“The only credible candidate” for the poisoner was Letby, he said, “the same person who was present in the neonatal unit at all the unexplained collapses and deaths at the Countess of Chester Hospital.”

The nurse also showed “unusual interest” in the family and repeatedly sought them out on social media – even on Christmas Day, the court heard.

Child E is one of seven children—five boys and two girls—that Letby was charged with murder. His twin, child F, is one of 10 children she is accused of attempted murder between June 2015 and June 2016.

She tried to kill some of them more than once, and at least one remained “severely disabled,” the court heard.

Johnson said all deaths and collapses were “not naturally occurring or random events”.

Letby allegedly killed seven babies while working at the Countess of Chester Hospital in Chester.
Letby allegedly killed seven babies while working at the Countess of Chester Hospital in Chester.

“It was deliberate attempted killings by slightly different methods that Lucy Letby used to make the appearance of random events,” he added.

Letby, from Hereford, has denied all allegations. Her trial is scheduled to continue on Wednesday.

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