First details about Minecraft 1.20 were revealed at Minecraft Live 2022, including camels and hanging signs

Early image of Minecraft 1.20.
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what you need to know

  • Minecraft Live 2022 is in full swing, with announcements and news for the future of the entire Minecraft franchise.
  • During the event, Mojang Studios shared new details about the next Minecraft content update, version number 1.20.
  • The update focuses on player expression, representation and better transparency from Mojang Studios.
  • Players can look forward to new features like hanging signs and sculpted bookshelves.

One of the core tenets of Minecraft is how it expands and evolves over time, and the next year will be no different for developers at Mojang Studios. At least one major content update is planned for Minecraft, and Mojang Studios has finally revealed part of its plan to bring new content to players on Saturday.

While Minecraft Live 2022Mojang Studios has targeted Minecraft 1.20, the currently untitled content update Minecraft Players sometime in 2023. The focus of this update is on player expression, display and creativity, with Mojang Studios looking to add features that allow players to more effectively play how they want while being who you want to. According to the creators of the legendary survival game, this update is all about making Minecraft “Minecraftier”. This time, however, Mojang Studios is taking a slightly different approach to Minecraft’s next content update.

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