An astronaut on the ISS captures a picture of dazzling blue spheres hovering over Earth

An astronaut on the ISS captures a picture of dazzling blue spheres hovering over Earth
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An astronaut on the International Space Station captured mysterious blue orbs in the sky last year. NASA’s Earth Observatory shared the photo also last year, shortly after the recording. The photo was taken as the ISS flew over Southeast Asia. However, the orbs, which appear alien in nature, are nowhere near as mysterious as you might think.

The Earth Observatory keeps an eye on our planet as the International Space Station makes its orbits, looking for anything that can help scientists learn and understand things better. Previously, the observatory took a photo of a newborn island in the pacific. This photo, as well as this photo of mysterious blue orbs in the sky, could provide new data points for scientists to study.

The photo of the mysterious blue orbs in the sky was taken by a member of the Expedition 66 crew and acquired on October 30, 2021 – almost exactly a year ago. The photo was taken with a Nikon D5 digital camera with a focal length of 28 millimeters, NASA’s Earth Observatory notes in a post on its website.

While the photo may make anyone looking at it out of context somewhat uneasy, the mysterious blue orbs are nothing to fear. Instead, both spheres have logical and solid reasons for their existence, NASA says. The first sphere, located near the bottom center of the image, is a lightning strike.

mysterious blue balls in the skyImage source: NASA Earth Observatory

These are usually obscured by clouds. However, since the clouds were not particularly heavy in this region of the world, the astronaut on the ISS was able to capture the mysterious blue orb in the sky you see in the image above.

The second mysterious sphere that appears on the right edge of the image is actually the moon. Our moon is a natural reflector of light – that’s why it appears as bright every night as it does in the sky. However, on this particular night, due to its position in relation to the photographer, it appears more like a mysterious blue orb in the sky and less like the moon we look at every day.

But even with these rather mundane explanations behind the spheres, seeing these bright blue spheres floating in the sky is exciting, and the image itself is very captivating. Hopefully, until then, those aboard the International Space Station will continue to provide exceptional photos like this one NASA is decommissioning the ISS sometime in 2030.

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