Samsung The Frame TV just fetched its lowest price ever in an early Black Friday deal

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If you kept an eye on the popular Samsung’s 55-inch The Frame TV, this could be the perfect time to buy it. The dual-purpose TV is down to its lowest-ever price in an early Black Friday deal, so you might not have to wait until late November to get your hands on this one. Some of the best Black Friday deals are going live at retailers, and Amazon is already getting involved, including this massive $500 discount on Samsung’s innovative The Frame TV.

Right now that The 55-inch Samsung Frame QLED Smart TV is available on Amazon for $997 (opens in new tab). That’s $500 less than the regular retail price of $1,499. This early Black Friday discount brings the Samsung Frame TV to a new lowest price ever and is one of the The best TV deals straight around.

The Samsung Frame TV is one of those The best QLED TVs You can buy it now, but crucially it doesn’t just act as a TV. This novel concept takes a traditional television and makes it look more like a picture frame. It has an innovative design that looks like a work of art, and when you’re not using the Samsung Frame to watch TV shows and movies, it can be set to display family photos or famous works of art.

Samsung Frame’s 2022 model has made several much-needed improvements. For starters, the new anti-glare matte screen is a very useful addition. In fact, it helps make The Frame almost unrecognizable as a TV in art mode. It also has a thinner design and rotational orientation like the Netgear Meural.

We note in our Samsung The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV reviewhowever this The combination of a television and a digital picture frame may not be for everyone and comes with some disadvantages.

As a real TV, The Frame does a remarkable job. It can’t quite keep up The best Samsung TVslike them QN90A Neo QLED, but still offers a crisp image quality with vivid colors and deep blacks. Its audio is nothing special either, and the 120Hz refresh rate is also commendable. If you just want a TV only you can get better specs for the price, but it shouldn’t be overlooked that The Frame doubles as a display piece and looks stunning on a wall.

The model offered in Amazon’s Black Friday deals has a 55-inch 4K display, a QLED panel with Ultra HD resolution and HDR, but you can also get this TV in larger sizes.

You also get voice assistant compatibility, as Amazon Alexa is already built-in, as well as Google Assistant compatibility. This means you can control your TV using just the sound of your voice.

There are some minuses here, such as: B. somewhat narrow viewing angles and a Smart TV interface that could be faster and more intuitive. But overall that’s a lot.

If you’re an art lover and want a taste of everything in your living room, this is a TV that won’t disappoint. And if you want to consider some alternatives before you commit, be sure to check out our roundup The best TV deals also.

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