Summary: Ratings are in for Sonic Frontiers

Summary: Ratings are in for Sonic Frontiers
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So let’s jump right into the mind of the press and jump right in with the few Switch reviews of the game that are out there.

Nice people over there Nintendo’s loved the game, scored Sonic’s open-zone adventure a riveting 9/10 and said (via machine translation):

“Sonic Frontiers is a bold game that sets a new standard for the franchise. Although it has certain shortcomings, such as B. a sometimes somewhat repetitive world, it is enormous fun. Without a doubt the best Sonic game in a year and a half, a real step forward.”

In a slightly more cautious attitude Nintendo Insider gave the blue hedgehog a 7/10, praising the game’s exciting direction but acknowledging that it needs some work:

“Rough around the edges and disappointing in more than one area, but nonetheless an exciting new direction for SEGA’s blue mascot, one that the Sonic team would wisely hold on to, refine and explore further.”

Moving on to the PlayStation 5 reviews, and our friends at Push Square gave Sonic Frontiers an 8/10 and said that despite the flaws, it immediately ranks among the best Sonic games of all time:

“While riddled with minor issues, the overall Sonic Frontiers package mostly hits the mark with satisfying gameplay, a storyline that will delight longtime fans, and an absolutely phenomenal soundtrack.”

game informant felt similar, giving the game a 7.75/10 and believing this is the foundation for Sonic going forward, although he lamented the pop-in in the open zone areas and felt the areas weren’t “made for the Exploration optimized” were:

“Although the open-zone design sometimes lacks cohesion, the islands do a great job of dispersing the core gameplay loop. Exploration rewards you with memory tokens to advance the side character stories, but outside of lore drops and map uncovering, combing every corner of an island is rarely as fruitful as I would have liked.”

Finally, GamesRadar was a bit more disappointed by their 2/5 rating. The publication praises the writing but criticizes the gameplay loop, feeling like “there are flashes of what could have been”:

“Sonic Frontiers offers the kind of light-hearted yet engaging storytelling that should easily delight fans young and old – although I’d hate to be a kid forced to play through some of the abysmal platforms seen everywhere.” Was Sonic Open World an ambitious undertaking? Yes. Was it worth? Absolutely not.”

Keep in mind that these are just a handful of thoughts currently out in the wild for Sonic Frontiers. Ours will be on the road soon, joining the circle of opinions forming out there once we’re done with the game. But it looks like that opinion is everywhere early on.

You can also make up your own mind when Sonic Frontiers launches on Switch tomorrow, November 8th. How do you feel about early reviews so far? Let us know!

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