The French YouTuber says he felt “uncomfortable” at a Vietnamese wedding in a viral video

The French YouTuber says he felt "uncomfortable" at a Vietnamese wedding in a viral video
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A French travel content creator who shared a video of himself crashing a Vietnamese wedding has been met with disapproval from netizens.

In his now-deleted TikTok video, titled How I Attended a Vietnamese Wedding Without an Invite, Alwin GC (@alwingc) ensures that he was not invited to the wedding but is asking to be let in since he is “French” and “YouTuber”. Upon entering, Alwin explains how uncomfortable he felt as the “only white man” and “the only foreigner”.

“I came in and everyone looked at me […] like I felt so uncomfortable,” he says.

Alwin stands between the guests and the couple and positions himself next to the main stage to photograph the bridal couple up close. Meanwhile, Alwin continues to express his unease at the wedding, stating that he “didn’t really know what to do” and “no one seemed to invite me to their table.”

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Finally, Alwin decides to use Google Translate to ask to be allowed to join a guest table. After his request was accepted, he highlighted how he “ate so much food.”[,] fried food […] We tried so many different things and then of course we drank together.”

Even though Alwin’s original video was deleted from his page – on which he has over 500,000 followers and 9.6 million likes – people have reacted to reposts shared on TikTok.

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On TikTok, user @queerlamp stitched his video, writing, “I bet you wouldn’t do that at a white American wedding if you came to the US, you’re a Frenchman who felt entitled to invade a Vietnamese wedding , you ate their food that they bought for their INVITED guests. Of course no one invited you to their table, YOU ARE A STRANGE MAN INVITED TO A WEDDING.”

The sentiments are shared by TikTok user @srirachalesbian, who is calling out the “entitlement of white men in Southeast Asia”. Referring to the history of French colonization in Vietnam, @srirachalesbian says, “The way you people swear you’re nothing like your ancestors (their literal grandparents) and then do shit like that.”

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The negative reaction to Alwin’s video also spread to Reddit, where the video was uploaded to the r/VietNam and r/ActLikeYouBelong subreddits.

“He doesn’t even pretend to belong,” one Reddit user commented. “He just dawdles and scolds out of politeness.”

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Answered by another commenter wrote, “Worse, he exploits cultural differences in politeness. I don’t think they felt they could ask him to leave. Imagine going to a loved one’s wedding and looking forward to meeting your relatives — and then you have this asshole using Google Translate to comment on every bite he takes. Pooh.”

In another reply to the Reddit post a user offers a simple solution: “‘I wasn’t invited, I didn’t really know what to do’ leave you fucking asshole behind.”

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