Random: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet body horror glitches go viral

Random: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet body horror glitches go viral
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Pokemon Body Horror Disorders
Image: Nintendo Life / Kate Gray

You’ve probably heard that before Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were released in… a a little a state. While this might be a massive disappointment to most people spending nearly $100 on the game, it has also been a source of great amusement on social media, where people have discovered that it’s the new co-op multiplayer game function there very Buggy indeed.

We’re not sure what exactly is causing these issues, but it seems like integrating other players into cutscenes and traversal makes for some really pretty scary body horror. There are huge, outstretched human bodies, horrible, arm-twisting impossibilities, and faces that go very crooked.

Just look:

We even found a bug ourselves. Turns out, you can position the selfie camera on a wall in just the right way to get your character’s facial features just right pop out and created these nightmarish faces:

Even outside of multiplayer, hilarious/deeply disturbing things can happen, as it seems like Pokémon can just, uh, slide into the abyss:

And many players are discovering that it’s easy to break the mold yourself:

We can’t decide if we’d rather fix these glitches as soon as possible or find out how they can occur in our game so we can join in the fun.

Have you experienced such disturbances? Tell us in the comments!

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