Elden Ring was the most completed and most completed game of 2022

Elden Ring was the most completed and most completed game of 2022
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2022 really was the year of the elden ring, with FromSoftware’s latest game exploding into the mainstream unlike anything it had created before. As such, many people played and finished it elden ring. In fact, according to one record, elden ring was the furthest completed game of 2022. But funnily enough, the same source is also pinning it as players are most likely to exit the game before reaching the end.

If you have read kotaku (or any other gaming website) in 2022 that you are probably already familiar with elden ring, the latest game from Dark Souls Creator FromSoftware. And how Dark Souls and bloodborne, elden ring is a hard-hitting action RPG with a strong focus on mystery, world building and boss fights. However, this time around FromSoftware added a true open world it’s popularsoulslike” formula. The final result? One of the most acclaimed and best-selling games of 2022. The open world in particular has helped to entice many to give it a try elden ring For the first time, players can avoid harder areas until later, reportedly making them easier to complete than previous FromSoftware adventures. And it seems the design choice has paid off.

According to, elden ring is the most complete game of 2022, with almost 6,000 users of the site reporting that they have played and finished the massive open-world role-playing game. That’s an impressive number when you look at the second-place games on the list. Straythis adorable futuristic cat game, has been completed by nearly 4,000 users. In third place with 2,500 deals were Game Freak and Nintendo’s hit Switch. Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Seeing such a big and difficult game at the top of the list is a sign of that elden ring is very good and also an indication of the type of audience that is mainly used

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But maybe that’s more interesting elden ring is also the “Most Retired” game. When users “abandon” from a game on, it means they have abandoned it either permanently or temporarily. Well, although only 261 players were officially eliminated elden ring on the site, that’s still more than double any other game in 2022. While the dataset is a bit small and odd (how many people log onto this site to admit defeat?), it always is another interesting data point.

It all makes sense to me. elden ring was the most talked about game of 2022, and with so many players, it makes sense that a good chunk of them could give it up. Other data seem to indicate so half the people play elden ring never got to the end. So I bought that elden ring might be the furthest completed game of 2022 though in addition To be the game that more people abandoned than anything else.

Some other interesting dates for 2022 from the site: Turns out elden ring also has the most backlogs, has the most reviews, and is the longest running game of 2022. However, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 1 is the most positively rated game, and Diablo immortal is the worst rated.

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