Fresh Galaxy S23 Ultra renders show a flat screen

Fresh Galaxy S23 Ultra renders show a flat screen
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That Galaxy S22 Ultra is a stunning phone with a beautifully curved screen that looks great, but not everyone is a fan of it. To counteract this complaint, Samsung can equip that S23 Ultra with a flat screen, per a new set of renderings.

The S22 Ultra curves over the edges and this gives the impression of frameless sides. The curved display also makes for a more comfortable grip.

Now the S22 Ultra supports the S Pen stylus and some users complain that the curvature makes it really difficult to use the stylus on the edges. They argue that it would be more convenient to use the S Pen on a flat screen as it would prevent it from sliding over the edges.

The problems don’t stop there as some S22 Ultra owners believe the curved design distorts the light around the display and creates a glare problem. And finally curved panels break easier than flat screens.

To address these issues, Samsung may adopt a flatter aesthetic for the S23 Ultra. The S22 Ultra already has a boxy design and its successor will look even more angular.

Previous rumors and renders had suggested the phone would have flatter sides and tipsters Ahmed Qwaiderknown for leaking product videos says the phone will also have a flat display and has posted renders made by Technizo concept to give us a taste of the new design (via Notebook check).

Qwaider says the screen isn’t as curved as the S22 Ultra, making it feel flat and improving the S Pen experience.

He also says that the Galaxy S23 series will be colors available black, green, cream and lavender. On previous rumor had said the phones would come in black, green, beige, and pink.

While Qwaider is a reliable leaker, we don’t think the renders accurately represent the Galaxy S23 Ultra as the design doesn’t look too ergonomic and my palms hurt just looking at it.

Renderings aside, it’s entirely possible that the S23 Ultra will have a flat screen given the current model doesn’t go so well as Samsung wanted, and handling user complaints can help increase sales.
Also leakers ice universe doesn’t quite match Qwaider, and previously leaked images had suggested that the design wouldn’t stray too far from the S22 Ultra, so it’s best to take today’s leak with a pinch of salt.

Samsung is rumored to be announcing the Galaxy S23 range in February and we can expect leaks to increase in the coming days.

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